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Teeth Whitening Accelerator Home Kit + Teeth Whitening Gel Applicator Pen Bundle

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The Worlds Most Advanced Home Whitening Accelerator System!

This home teeth whitening system guarantees fresh, safe, and brilliant results in just one hour, and can be bundled with the teeth whitening pen. 

The light activator is rechargeable and both gel refills and additional trays are available for continued use. The teeth whitening gel is a gentle and safe 6% hydrogen peroxide formula that ensures maximum results on surface stains, but at the same time being effective on more severe stains caused by tetracycline and fluoride.

  • Next generation LED for maximum acceleration
  • No sensitivity
  • Removes years of stains caused by coffee, red wine and smoking
  • 6 to 8 shades improvements over time
  • Embedded magnets line light to tray for a perfect fit every time
  • Simply rechargeable via USB or outlet
  • Clinically proven to kill germs
  • Refill kits available for continued maintenance

Safety Information

Do not use if pregnant or under the age of 16. Wait until after you have had your braces removed to use this product. Hydrogen peroxide-based whitening products are not effective on veneers, crowns, fillings, or other composite materials.


Use if your teeth are stained by coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco products, or other coloured foods and drinks. Also effective on age-related discolouration and tetracycline and fluoride stains.


6% Hydrogen peroxide formula


Bundled with the Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

Have the confidence of lasting results or just keep your smile sparkling in between treatments with our Shades of White Chrome Silver After Care Pen.

Our 6% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel pen is the perfect addition to keep your teeth as bright as they can in between your teeth whitening treatments and have your results lasting longer. 

Gel Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Carbopol, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Menthol. 

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