Professional Dental Grade Whitening Gel

The World’s Safest Medical-Grade, Professional Use, Whitening Gels

Our dental-grade Whitening Gel is the World’s safest and most technologically advanced Catalytically Hyper-Photo Activated Whitening gel.

These whitening gels use FDA Certified Medical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide rather than cheap Food Grade peroxides that can cause you issues.

This means you consistently get good results with no painful sensitivity and/or gum blanching that plague other systems or risk of irreversible enamel damage.

PAIN-FREE ‘Professional Use Only’ Teeth Whitening Gels

Advanced formula, medical-grade whitening gel will safely remove the stains found deep inside the tooth enamel.

Used with the Aylba II Ultrasonically Enhanced machines you will get 2-3 more shades of whiter teeth faster than any other system.

And it’s Pain-free too:

They have designed a unique “ouch-less” whitening experience

NO Painful Sensitivity

NO Irritated Gums

NO Non-Reversible Enamel Damage

Our whitening gels are professional use only containing Medical Grade 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, rather than cheap often less stable food grade peroxide.

Because of this, you will experience no pain from sensitivity, no ‘gum irritation’ (blanching) and without any risk of irreversible enamel damage.

Our whitening gel is an Australian Compliant Catalyst activated 6% HP Professional Use Medical Grade Whitening Gel only available to Dentists and Certified Practitioners.

It is manufactured in the US under strict ISO guidelines.