About Aylba

How Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening Works

The Aylba II is a genuine professional dentist strength power whitening system with Ultrasonic Technology to power-whiten teeth faster and safer than any other system.

The HIGH intensity LED radiant output, combined with ULTRASONIC whitening technology provides superior whitening results in a shorter treatment time.

Ultrasonic technology has been proven by Dentists and Hygienists for scaling and polishing teeth.

Now, this well-established ultrasound technology has been adapted to speed up teeth whitening and produce whiter results than ever before.

How does it work?

Ultrasonic teeth whitening technology causes a high frequency above your hearing range, 41,000 cycles or vibrations per second.

This VIBRATES the whitening gel deep into your tooth enamel surrounding the shivering staining particles faster and more effectively than old methods that rely upon the whitening gel SOAKING its way into the tooth enamel.

Because you get WHITER results FASTER than any other system on the planet, Ultrasonically Enhanced Teeth Whitening is the Future of Teeth Whitening.

Best of all, you get PAIN FREE whiter results WITHOUT any of the common side-effects like sensitivity, irritated gums, or enamel damage, that generally plague older systems.

Ultrasonic teeth whitening works faster and more effectively.

This means your teeth can now be whitened in just 12 to 36-minutes using the AYLBA Whitening Accelerator.


The Aylba also features a built-in ionisation air filtration which produces Negative Ions that help provide a Safer Clinic Environment, Enhances your Well-being, and Teeth Whitening results.


Negative ions are oxygen ions that have an extra electron attached and naturally occur in nature.

We all know that taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall, or after a storm. This is your body being saturated by the positive natural benefits of negative ions.

Negative ions are considered an important contributor to good health, and there are many published studies that suggest breathing the special oxygen, abundant in negative ions can have a significant influence on improved mood with overall mental and physical health and well-being.

Ionisation as used on the Aylba II, not only provides a cleaner healthier clinic environment for both Practitioner and Client.


Negative Ions also assist oxidisation of the Whitening Gel.

This, therefore, stimulates the Redox Efficacy* of the whitening gel and contributes to faster & whiter results than any other system on the planet.

(*Redox Efficacy, is the capacity to produce the desired effect; in this case whiter teeth faster).