About Us

How my Journey Began...

This is Belinda, a mum, businesswoman, teeth whitening professional & business enthusiast.

My teeth whitening journey started when I had the desire to whiten the teeth of not only myself but friends and family members. With my passion to help others and make them feel good about themselves……. this is where ‘Shades of White’ came about.

I have recently upgraded to the Aylba II, a genuine medical grade teeth whitening accelerator, professional dentist strength power whitening system with Ultrasonic Technology to power-whiten teeth faster and safer than any other system.

The HIGH intensity LED radiant output, combined with ULTRASONIC whitening technology provides superior whitening results in a shorter treatment time. The machine also has the option of a secondary light unit capability for the treatment of two clients simultaneously.

With this machine, a high-intensity LED light is used to deliver a tailored beam of light between 480 and 520 Nanometres in wavelength needed to activate whitening gels and provide a much greater shade improvement with NO sensitivity. The Whitening Accelerator also includes a built-in purifier that will provide a cleaner environment.

With our lower strength, (catalyst activated) whitening gels, there is very little risk of sensitivity when having the treatment, no burning gums, no swollen lips, no enamel damage, or allergic reaction common with high strength peroxides.

The results are FAST, and amazing results achieved from 6 to 12 shades lighter.

This machine offers a full 80-minute treatment for dramatic results, or a quick and easy 60-minute top-up if you’re just wanting to maintain your whiter brighter smile.

Look forward to seeing you soon!